Why I Start My Day With a Glass Of Hot Water

Staying hydrated is crucial, 60{d5abdcb243f8c540745c2b94e9cf814def284752ddbcb0c4a920c74fc1328e5b} of our bodies are made up of water and we need enough of it to fuel our bodies and to enable the proper functioning of our organs. After a long night’s sleep, it’s common to wake up feeling a little dehydrated, so to combat this, many of us reach for a glass of water to rehydrate.

The water most of us opt for first thing is usually cold but many people aren’t aware that there could be several benefits from drinking it hot instead – everything from boosted digestion, to relief from constipation, sinus congestion, and cramps.

It’s important to remember that drinking any water that’s fit for human consumption will do your body good – as too many of us don’t drink enough. Experts currently recommend that most people should be aiming to drink between 11 to 16 glasses daily, though this amount will vary, depending on multiple factors, including your age, activity level, the weather and your body’s individual needs.

But is there any truth to the belief that drinking hot water first thing in the morning is beneficial? Not that many studies have been conducted on the benefits of hot water but some research has been carried out – so read on, as we’ll be examining all the scientific reasons as to why you should consider switching from cold to hot! We’ll also be looking at the origins of this practice and revealing the correct temperature to aim for if you want to drink your water hot, plus we’ll share some handy hacks to make the hot water you drink taste better.

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