The Best Eating Habits to Prepare Your Body for the ‘Tridemic’

The Best Eating Habits to Prepare Your Body for the Tridemic

Every year, new words enter our vocabulary, usually to describe current affairs and world events – and this year is no different. We’re currently in the grips of the so-called ‘tridemic’ – that is a triple threat of three viruses; Covid 19, flu and RSV. (RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, is a virus that affects both children and adults, but can cause bronchiolitis in children, a type of chest infection).

All three can result in, at best, unpleasant symptoms that can affect our ability to go about our day to day lives for a period of time, and at worse, can be very serious and require hospital treatment.

As with most viruses that affect the respiratory tract, keeping our immune system well supported gives us the best chance of fighting them off if we’re exposed to them. A strong immune system can also help to speed up our recovery if we succumb to a viral infection. One of the best ways to support a healthy immune system and fight viruses is to eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Here’s our top tips for eating to help avoid falling foul to the tridemic.

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