Our Healthier Christmas Meal Picks!

Ah December, how we love you, with all your temptation and indulgence. However, with all these treats comes excess calories that we might end up regretting in January. None of us want to feel like we’re missing out on all the treats and roast dinners but equally, none of us want to start the new year feeling sluggish and unhealthy, potentially carrying a few extra pounds.

So, how do we enjoy all that’s on offer over the Christmas holiday season, without an abundance of calories, fat, salt and sugar?

With a few tweaks and healthy additions, we can indulge in Christmas dinner, all the trimmings plus a few extras, minus the guilt! Remember, Christmas is a time for enjoying ourselves, without being too strict. So read on for our healthier Christmas meal picks, perhaps take a daily walk to burn off some of the extra calories and most importantly, enjoy!

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