How to Use Jojoba Oil for Dry Hair

Long gone are the days when oils were the preserve of the cooking aisles of our local supermarket and food shops. Now, oils extracted from all manner of plants and trees are available as beauty products that promise to make our hair more manageable and glossy and our skin breakout-free and youthful.

So, should we believe the hype? Are these oils worthy of our hard-earned cash? We think so, and there’s one oil in particular that stands out, especially if we’re looking for something to tame our dry hair – jojoba oil. Dry hair can be annoying and unmanageable, and therefore needs certain products that will help to both nourish and protect it and make it look less parched and frizzy.

But what exactly is jojoba oil, what does it do and how does it work? We love jojoba oil here at Health Natural, so we decided to discover exactly how this wonder oil works so well for dry, stressed out or over styled hair. And the results might surprise you – here’s what we found out…

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