5 Benefits of Moisturising Every Day

You’re probably aware that the skin in the largest organ in the human body. Which, when we think about it, is quite strange, as when we consider our organs, we tend to think about the things inside our body, such as our heart and lungs.

But as our largest organ, the skin actually forms an important part of the immune system, acting as our first line of defence. In this role, it protects us from invading pathogens, diseases, toxins and other dangers. Separately, it’s also full of pain sensors that alert us to danger as well as maintaining our fluid balance and regulating our body temperature.

So we can see why we should treat it with respect by moisturising daily, in order to help it fulfil its function as a barrier that protects us.

Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of keeping your skin well moisturised.

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