10 Ways to Help Your Body Get Rid Of Toxins

What are toxins, and why do we need to get rid of them?

Toxins are poisonous substances with the potential to cause damage to our bodies inside and out and though they can be found in nature, many occur synthetically. We absorb them through food, water, products and air and there are two main types – external toxins, found in polluted air or water, and internal toxins, which are produced when food breaks down in our bodies.

It’s important to get rid of the toxins in our bodies, as they can build up, causing harmful free radicals and inflammation. This can lead to a host of health problems from neuro-degenerative diseases, to cancer and cardiac issues.

Our kidneys, liver, colon, lungs and skin are all naturally designed to process toxins, helping us to excrete them through sweat, urine, faeces, and breath. But when our systems get overloaded, our toxin shedding capacity slows down and we need some extra help – read on for our top 10 toxin flushing tips that will ensure your body stays detoxed and healthy…

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